What to do when “Happy Chick” Stops Working…

The ‘Happy Chick’ app is a great Android app for downloading old games and is common on devices such as the GPD XD, BlazeTab and older devices like the JXD S7800b.

While the app is included on these devices, it is operated by a third party and not something any of the manufacturers have any control over (you will see that we at Funstock do not mention it in any of our product listings for this reason for example).

So, what do you do when it stops working? – how do you fix Happy Chick?

There’s a few things you can try:

  1. Check you have the latest version installed, available here: http://www.happychick.hk/
  2. Or the opposite… try an OLDER version of Happy ChickFirst open the “Apitode” app (you may need to download this seperatley if you don’t have it already)
    Select the app you want to manage, in this case “Happy Chick” and then click “other versions

    Select and older version of the app, then test the app. If it doesn’t work, try again with an even older version.

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