This N64 Christmas Commercial has not aged well…

It’s possible it was terrible at the time too.


Gaming has come a long way since the mid-90s. We’ve gone from dubious 3D polygon style graphics, to ultra realistic 4k in just over ten years. With online gaming, you can now play your favourite titles with people in any other country around the world, a far cry from the simple offline multiplayer offerings of early consoles.

As it turns out, console advertising has come rather a long a way as well. This isn’t surprising given the multi-billion dollar entertainment sector that video gaming has become. When that kind of money is at stake, you make sure you do things right! The new Xbox One X commercial is a timely example – featuring live action, gameplay and a Kanye West soundtrack which would have cost a few quid itself. This sleek, slick advert was released just ahead of Christmas to do nothing other than maximise sales.

However – video Game advertising hasn’t always been so corporate, brash and expensive. Step in this Christmas TV Commercial for the Nintendo 64 console. The Xbox One X is billed as the most  powerful games console, so you can understand the need for a bold TV commercial. But don’t forget that the N64 was at one point the most powerful console of it’s time too – with impressive new 3D graphics and enhanced gameplay. How then, to advertise this revolutionary new games console to shift units over the all-important Christmas period?

Step in, four grumpy teenagers and a cringe-worthy alternative rendition of Jingle-Bells…

Does it make you want to buy an N64?