The Japanese Mega Drive Mini Collector’s Edition Comes with Something Special!

They’ve only gone and thrown in 22 little cartridges!

It’s safe to say that SEGA have made the Mega Drive Mini pretty appealing already – with two classic controllers, some tidy modern features and an impressive list of SEGA classics. But things get even better if you’re lucky enough to be able to pick one of the Japanese Collector’s Edition consoles, which will ship with a set of 22 framed cartridges!



Want that one. Want that one. Want that one...

Now – the cartridges aren’t full-size, but this is probably just sensible. Overall we guess the effect is a nod toward how platinum records are displayed on record company walls. Given the iconic status of some of the games included with the Mega Drive Mini, you probably wouldn’t even call it overkill…

Although European readers won’t be able to get their hands on these, you can still pre-order the European Mega Drive Mini right here!

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