8th day. 8. 8 directions on an old school D-Pad. It’s meant to be. The D-Pad is AWESOME. I prefer D-Pad control over analog ANY day of the week. They’ve not always been so good over the years though. The X-Box 360 one is up there as one of the all-time absolute worst. Pitted against the PS3, it was an abysmal offering from Microsoft. This made it so much more satisfying when they released the X-Box One which has one of the absolute best D-Pads ever. That clickiness… oooooooh baby.

* drools *

Going retro, I always preferred the SNES over the Mega Drive. Sega’s effort wasn’t bad, but I never liked the looseness of it. The SNES included a no-nonsense D-Pad, made you feel in full control. Same can’t be said about the N64 D-Pad but bizarrely, it worked a treat for the AKI / THQ wrestling games on the console. The Dreamcast featured a chunky little bugger while the Gamecube utilised a miniscule awkward one.

Nintendo don’t mess about

Handhelds have always been ruled by Nintendo. They never seem to go wrong with their D-Pads and it never comes into question. Sony did an alright job with the PSP, and a better one with the Vita.

Sony’s attempts over the years

You can’t beat a good ol’ D-Pad. Sticks are good at the right times, but D-Pads rarely go un-needed. You try assigning item commands to an analog stick, it just doesn’t feel natural.And Nokia, with the N-Gage?


Find me not giving a toss about the N-Gage @auto2112

PS: Kudos to any who understood the title reference.