The Colecovision Mini Arcade machines could finally be here!

Back in the 80’s Coleco tabletop Mini Arcade machines were probably the coolest handheld consoles around. Now fans who were eagerly awaiting news about the Colecovision Mini Arcade Relaunch received a piece of welcome news in their mailbox.


Marketed as ‘The arcade games you can take home with you,’ Coleco tabletop mini arcade machines were by some distance the most realistic, portable gaming device of their day. Portable that is – insofar as you were able to easily transport them from table-top to table-top. These weren’t fitting in your pocket anytime soon.

The machines came loaded with some big name titles, including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Frogger. As well as the a-list games, the high quality art on the side of the cabinets made them really look like the real deal, they really did have the look and feel of their full-size equivalents.

Colecovision Mini Arcade
Donkey Kong Coleco Arcade Machine

Coleco have been promising to bring back these popular cabinets for around two years now, but since the last announcement in March 2016 it’s all gone radio silence. That is, until today – when those on the mailing list received a (slightly criptic) email stating that the Coleco tabletop Mini Arcade machines would be released “this year”.

Frustratingly for eager fans, “this year” could be tomorrow, it could be the day after… Alternatively 300 days could pass and we’ll still be well within the definition of “this year”. This ambiguity alongside previous silences may not give you much confidence, but there is hope! Fans were also given a glimpse of the machine spec (below). So – watch this space!

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Colecovision Mini Arcade
There could be a number of titles in a new Coleco range
Coleco Mini Arcade machine Tech Spec;
  • Durable plastic – built to last
  • Classic Coleco cabinet design
  • Updated hardware- High Resolution LCD display
  • Enhanced controllers
  • Built in Lithium ion battery – Micro USB powered (cable included)
  • Premium vinyl side art
  • Integrated speaker with aux jack


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