The best Instagram user ever – The Gameboy Cameraman!

Instagram is a neat place where you can see all sorts of cool content, from looking at your favourite celebrities and their daily activities, to an artist and their latest work. We have our own! Click here to check us out! We’ve found one user who uses the social media platform in a very interesting way. Photographers now are using cameras with many many millions of pixels, lots of zoom, and equipment that can cost more than a high end gaming PC. One cameraman has decided to ditch the high pixelcount and use a camera that has significantly less kick. Which camera? The Gameboy Camera of course!


Jean-Jacques Calbayrac is a photographer from Monaco, living in London, who adores the world of photography, and he’s a very avid gamer. With his Gameboy camera in hand, he walks through the streets of London to snap photos of everything around him. The Gameboy camera is a little cartridge that you can stick into you Gameboy, so it might seem a bit odd to have someone taking scene photos with it, but goodness is it ever interesting! What’s also cool is the outlook that Jean has behind his little photography experiences with the Gameboy camera.

““It was released in 1998, and it’s just a very, very cheap camera. You lose every single detail, and today we are more attached to the details than to anything else. We need to let go of the details and get back to the shape. The functions of this camera are so limited that it is like a journey in time in the history of photography. We are going back to the birth of digital photography.”


An interesting view on from Jean, a bit eccentric to say the least. He’s not alone in his Gameboy Camera love though, scattered across the internet are forums, Facebook pages and so much more full of people who love using the Gameboy camera to express themselves and the world around them. Our hat is off to Jean, he’s managed to express Retro Gaming in a really fun and inventive way that gets peoples attention! What do you guys think of this Gameboy Cameraman?

Click here to check out Jean’s Instagram!

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