The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES) – Super Nintendo Saturday

What a cartoon this was. It was a comic cartoon that didn’t insult children’s intelligence. There was humour, but it was generated by the right characters, like The Joker, Riddler, The Penguin, basically the villains. Batman typically was about the only one who didn’t crack a joke. The game was released for the SNES and Mega Drive in 1994 / 95 but both were totally different games with different levels, graphics, gameplay, audio, everything. I LOVE the SNES version, and have little affection for the Mega Drive release, so let’s talk Nintendo.

Fighting side-by-side on a roller coaster, as you do

This game was FAITHFUL. It looked like the cartoon, it sounded like the cartoon, and the dialogue felt like it was lifted straight from the script of an episode. It looks like you’re playing a cartoon and the animation of all characters in the game is superb. It’s action-packed in stages, slowed down for the detective levels, and it provides a heroic feel throughout. If you loved the cartoon when you were a kid, this game was a dream come true.

Riddle me this

There’s an awesome level featuring The Penguin, where you go investigating Gotham City Museum following a break-in. So far you’ve played through two particularly action driven levels, but the pace suddenly pulls right back in this one. You find 3 items have appeared in your arsenal, x-ray goggles, a gas mask, and a flashlight. They all come in very handy while you’re trying to rescue hostages and avoid booby traps at the same time. There’s also a great level with Catwoman where you start off fighting in a glass elevator, only for her to escape at the top of the skyscraper by diving off the side. Batman follows of course, thus beginning a fight in free fall which ultimately ends up with the pair scrapping in an alleyway down below. It’s frantic and so fun to play.

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Has Poison Ivy EVER not been hot… oh yeah, Thurman

Mode 7 was utilized in a few of the stages and thankfully it never feels forced. Whether it’s when you’re careening around the curves of the rollercoaster in the opening level, or racing around Gotham City chasing after Harvey Two-Face, it’s never over-done and is a welcome feature to the game.

The obligatory racing stage

Scarecrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Vulture, so many bad guys tied into a neat little package. If there’s one concern to be found with the game, it is that it is a very tough one. The difficulty curve is as steep as the first hill of Joker’s rollercoaster found in the 1st level. Once you figure out the nuances of the controls and such however, you’ll uncover one of the true unsung heroes of the Super Nintendo. Be wary of trying to find a physical copy these days though, the bugger is bloody expensive.

Catch me donning my cape @auto2112

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