Super Nintendo Saturday – Big Sky Trooper

Now here’s a game that felt different at the time of its release. Developed by Lucasarts and released in 1995, Big Sky Trooper was a game that had Lucasarts written all over it. Playing like a mix of Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Addams Family Values it incorporated various gameplay facets that for its time you wouldn’t normally find combined together.

Pure Lucasarts gear

Space-ship combat was a task you would have to undergo each time you approached an inhabited planet. Think Asteroids, but cartoony and you’d know what to expect. After this, you’d head down to the planet to start kicking slug ass. Using your trusty zapper-like weapon, it becomes a fairly generic shooter as you’re running around taking out the bad guys. You’ll come across ship parts, and parts which help to upgrade your character, so at least it throws something a little different your way.

I’ve got no idea

The game has a nice sense of humour about it, again, very exemplary of Lucasarts at the time. Whether it’s the 3 ‘gruelling’ tasks at the start of the game which include entering your name, or the cartoony visuals which have a certain charm about them, it has a familiar feel for those fans of Lucasarts adventure games. The dialogue in the game is especially wicked, and has that biting wit you’d expect from the studio

The obligatory ice level

Graphically, it’s an excellent looking game. Definitely showing that it is a later SNES release, there’s a lot of hard work gone into the details of this game. Had this been a release title, it may have been regarded extremely highly after all these years, instead of being largely forgotten by the mass gaming public. If a sequel suddenly got announced, I’d mark out like hell but God only knows where the licence for this sits now.

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The big fat evil green slug bastard king himself

It may seem I’m waxing lyrical about the game, but it’s not without it’s faults. The soundtrack is fairly unforgettable and the sound effects are extremely generic. It definitely feels repetitive after a while, continuously finding planet after planet in which to eradicate the evil slugs but it still all feels ‘different’. It’s a hard one to put your finger on exactly. It played a small part in my Nintendo childhood and I appreciated it for its time. If you’ve not tried, it’s definitely worth a try, even if only to broaden your horizons to some of the SNES’s lesser known titles. Big Sky Trooper ladies and germs.

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