Streets of Rage 4 Physical Edition Revealed!

Streets of Rage 4 just keeps getting better and better. A couple of weeks ago we heard that the game would have local co-op, and this week, we’re getting a Streets of Rage 4 physical edition! What a time to be alive.


The physical version of the game will be for the PS4 and Switch versions, and it’s being produced by Limited Run Games. You’ll be able to order your copy of the physical game until a week after digital release, then it’s gone.



The basic physical edition is beautiful, and you can see it pictured in the tweet above, but things get REALLY interesting in the Streets of Rage 4 Classic Edition. The Classic Edition includes a steelbook case, and a reversible cover, but it also comes with a large Genesis clamshell that will fit everything inside. I NEED IT.



streets of rage 4 genesis


Will you be picking up a physical version of Streets of Rage 4 when it launches this year?

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