Six Best Playable Characters In Soulcalibur (1998)

The Sega Dreamcast was an absolute goldmine for fighting games, with some of the best games the genre has every put out counted amongst its library, such as Garou: Mark of the Wolves. But today, we want to look back at the 1998 3D fighter, Soulcalibur.

A follow-up to the wildly popular 1995 PSOne title Soul Edge, the story of souls and swords continued onwards with ten new fighters joining the battle, but who are the best players in the tale?



Possibly the best advert in gaming for the benefits of practicing yoga, Voldo has been oddly contorting all over our screens for years now. After spending many years locked in his master’s vault in Italy, Voldo has both gone blind and insane, making him possibly the most single-minded character in the lore, only either hunting Soul Edge or guarding the vault.

The reason that he’s on this list is simply because he is one of the most unique characters to ever be seen in a fighting game. His combo potential is off the charts and he is frustratingly difficult to hit too. His movement is tremendously unsettling, along with his inability to coherently talk too, and it makes Voldo immensely iconic even beyond his series.



Possibly the most experimental character in the original Soulcalibur game, as other new characters introduced were based on existing characters (in a similar fashion to Tekken characters like Kuma and Panda), and Ivy had a completely unique moveset and gameplay style to challenge players.

She is also a pirate and daughter of Soul Edge boss, Cervantes, too giving her a strong ties to the lore of the series immediately. Even if (spoilers) she doesn’t like him very much. Also, the feeling of satisfaction you feel when you finally work out how to transition seamlessly between the whip and the sword is unbelievable.  


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Speaking of our soft spot for pirates, and the Dread Pirate, Cervantes, is almost the picture perfect example in this vein complete with an angry disposition and twin swords (of which one is a gun at the same time, for reasons). After his previous appearance, otherwise known as an arguable complete failure, it was great to see him return.

On a quest to regain Soul Edge, after losing it has left him a cursed and hollowed creature, Cervantes only lives now to complete himself again. The wonderful thing about this character is how he changes between his appearance in Soul Edge and his being an undead wraith is immediately noticeable in his design. A fantastic character.



Our favourite giant-sword wielding knight has gone bad, being corrupted by the legendary Soul Edge and becoming or creating the incredibly powerful demon, the imaginatively named Nightmare. A fallen knight story is always incredibly enjoyable, and Siegfried has it all, complete with excessive murder and the seeking of redemption.

He and Nightmare play very similarly, both swinging two-handed swords with surprising deftness, but that isn’t to either of their detriment. Siegfried might be slow, and he is incredibly slow, but if he manages to land a blow it will hurt. Also, Siegfried has a great design, taking into account his history of being a knight with elements of distortion.



We know that Yoshimitsu is “technically” a guest character, with Soulcalibur being the first appearance of the cooky character outside of the Tekken series, and he is definitely more odd in this series than his slightly more serious source material. This is especially seen in his visual design the Soul series, which is interesting to say the least.

Wielding a katana and a flag (yes, a flag), Yoshimitsu plays roughly the same as he always had, with just a slightly more simplified way of executing all of his beautifully dumb attacks. In fact, we always thought that Yoshimitsu was a better fit in pretty much every way than in his source material, but maybe that’s just us.


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Who doesn’t love a ninja? Especially a ninja that, sorry for spoilers again, basically saved the world in Soul Edge. Taki has become a stalwart character that is a series mainstay, and will good reason, because she is incredible with some of the best mobility in the game and some incredibly flashy attacks that are relatively simple to pull off.

Also, she has one of the more stoic and determined dispositions of any of the characters in the whole series. Even better in this particular appearance is that Taki is a rogue ninja, which is even more awesome than previous. Oh, and she has sealed a shard of Soul Edge using a magical seal, so she is pretty powerful too.


But who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or on social media!


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