Retro Highlights of 2018

From the Virtual Console on the Wii to the myriad of mini console remakes hitting the shelves, console manufacturers and gamers can’t get enough of the past.

Of course, neither can we. That’s why we’re bringing you this list of the top 5 retro products and re-releases that came out in 2018.

5. Release of the PlayStation Classic

playstation classic

Sony got in on Nintendo’s mini retro console act with its own mixed bag of tricks known as the PlayStation Classic. It didn’t quite have the titles people were looking for but it also had a few surprises (Persona, natch). Is it worth your time to pick it up at a store? That depends on how much of a nostalgia itch Battle Arena Tohshinden and Wild Arms are for you.

4. Spyro the Dragon Remaster

spyro the dragon comparison

One of the best early 3D platformers, Spyro’s return is just one among many masterful reimaginings that have hit the market lately. You can also include Crash Bandicoot in this club, among others.

3. Collections on the Nintendo Switch

 switch snk 40th

Nintendo Switch is taking up the helm of the Wii and becoming the go-to destination for retro collections. SNK’s 40th anniversary celebration and Mega Man’s anthology are just a few that have hit the system. Of course, if retro remakes aren’t your thing the Switch is also the de facto last gen port of last call. If there’s anything you missed out on during the PS3 era, this system will probably get a release of that game eventually.

2. Neo Geo Mini

Related image

Another console manufacturer that’s getting into the retro remake game is SNK, the former Rolls Royce of home console gaming. The Neo Geo Mini is a weird little unit. Shaped like a tiny arcade cabinet, it comes loaded arcade classics like World Heroes, Samurai Shodown, and Magician Lord. It’s truly one of the most comprehensive collections of SNK software anywhere and it is a must own. Kudos to SNK for the neat design and true-to-the-original controllers. The Neo Geo was a system most of us couldn’t own – now you can.

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1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Image result for resident evil 2

It’s tough for a game to steal Rockstar’s thunder, and even harder for a remake to do it. But that’s just what Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake did when serious footage started showing up in October. The game looks absolutely spectacular and possibly superior to the original in every way. While we’re not going to say Game of the Year yet, we think Capcom knows what they’re doing and they’re putting so much value into this remake that it will be hard for critics to ignore – and fans, too. What makes the Resident Evil 2 Remake so compelling is that it looks like it will be a huge game. Expanding upon the original in every way, the remake will do that rare thing that so few remakes fail to do: Give you more value for your money.

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