Quest Arrest walkthrough and guide

The Evercade’s “Indie Heroes” cartridge plays host to a variety of brand new games for classic platforms — and even if you don’t have an Evercade, you can try most of these for yourself in one way or another! Let’s explore them in detail!

Are you having trouble helping Detective Allison Bennett stomp out Athena’s crime wave? Enter our Quest Arrest walkthrough, which will take you safely through to the end of the game!

Note, though, that the exact ending you get will depend on your Credibility rating at the end — arrest criminals and pick “Good Cop!” options to raise this, or kill criminals and pick “Bad Cop!” options to lower it. Our Quest Arrest walkthrough will tell you the basics you need to complete all the game’s major events — the exact way you handle them is up to you, though!

Combat tips

Quest Arrest walkthrough

In most cases, the most efficient means of arresting a criminal is to shoot them twice, then arrest them. Be careful, though, because two critical hits from the gun in a row can kill a criminal. If you want to be safe, use the less damaging options such as the taser and the pepper spray.

As you’ll see towards the end of our Quest Arrest walkthrough, there are a couple of sequences where you’ll have to have two fights in succession without healing between. In this case, try and finish the first one as quickly as can so you have more of a “health buffer” for the second.

Quest Arrest walkthrough

Quest Arrest walkthrough

You’ll start outside the police station. You can talk to everyone outside (and be insulted by the rock on the right) if you want, but the only thing you need to do is head inside.

Talk to the Chief, who is the white-haired lady at the back of the room. After chewing you out for being late — you can choose either option to explain yourself — she’ll ask you to pick up two radios. One is in plain sight; the other will be revealed if you speak to the chap in the lower right of the room. After claiming them both, speak to the Chief again.

Once you’re out on the streets in the Medical District, save your game at the blue thingy. Get in the habit of doing this after every fight you have while following our Quest Arrest walkthrough, because it fully restores your health.

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Head south and talk to the homeless man. Confront him, then fight him. Follow the Chief’s instructions to arrest him.

Save your game again, then head to the right-hand side of the tall building. Look in the bin and retrieve the vomit-encrusted book, then speak with the robber standing near the bin. Arrest or kill him.

Quest Arrest walkthrough

Save, then head to the south via the road on the left of the tall building to reach the Hospital. You’ll be accosted by a pink-haired lady who will tell you that a murder has taken place. She’ll lead you to the edge of town.

Examine the body. On the close-up, push different directions to examine different areas. Examine all four areas and check his pockets to continue — you should get a receipt.

Question everyone standing nearby — you can use good cop or bad cop approaches, but if the game tells you to try again, question the person again using different dialogue choices until it tells you that you’ve found a clue. You should be able to find two clues from witnesses here.

Arrest or kill the robber standing nearby, then pick up the knife next to the body. Then head south to the bridge.

Head east twice and pick up the suicide note. Then speak with the man who is about to jump. Tell him you’re a cop to make him jump and lose credibility, or say you just want to help if you want to save him. In the latter instance, follow this up by saying “Let’s talk”, “You, dead, why?” and “Come down!” to talk him down.

Head east again and arrest or kill the robber — if your credibility is high enough, you can skip this combat — then save. Head north to reach the refinery. Arrest or kill the robber standing to the left of the refinery, then talk to both bystanders. Examine the flames on the refinery and attempt to enter — obviously you can’t while it’s on fire.

Quest Arrest walkthrough

Nip south and save, then head back north to the refinery, then west to the hospital. Enter the waiting room and enter the door in the back to reach the rooftop. Arrest or kill the robber up there, then head back down to street level. Head west to the other half of the hospital and enter the emergency room.

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If your credibility is high, the doctor standing in front of the barrier in the middle of the room will heal you and save your game. If not, be sure to save either in the Medical District (north of the hospital’s west wing) or on the shore side edge of the bridge (south of the refinery).

Pass through the barrier and talk to the man standing by the fire extinguisher, then take the fire extinguisher. Arrest or kill the robber standing on the right of the emergency room, then heal and save with the doctor if you can, then leave. (If you couldn’t heal and save at the doctor, stop by the Medical District to the north and save there.)

Head east twice from the hospital emergency room to reach the refinery. Examine the flames at ground level to extinguish them. When they’re all out, you can enter the refinery.

Speak to both men, then attempt to grab the key. A robber will try and take it from you, but if you successfully arrest him you can take it back. Head upstairs and arrest the next robber; your credibility will determine where and how you question him. Send him to jail for however long you see fit.

Quest Arrest walkthrough

Speak to the men in the refinery, then climb the ladder to the roof. Arrest or kill the robber there, then head back down to street level. Head west from the refinery entrance to reach the hospital, then go north to reach the crossroads. Nip west to save, then return to the crossroads and go north to the neighbourhood.

Examine the bin and pick up the skull on the ground, then arrest or kill the robber. Head south from the neighbourhood, west at the crossroads and save at the Medical District. Head north to the police station. Arrest or kill the robber loitering outside, then enter the police station and show the skull to the Chief.

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Head south from the police station to the Medical District and save, then go east to the crossroads and north to the neighbourhood. Speak to the man at the top of the area who has lost his key. Attempt to use the key on the door to discover it doesn’t fit, but that the door was unlocked anyway. Enter the house and talk to the man.

Arrest or kill the two robbers who attack you; simply reload and try again if you fail, since this encounter is somewhat random as to which attacks your assailants will use and if you take too much damage in the first fight there’s no way you can win the second. When you’re done, claim the Golden Goblet.

Quest Arrest walkthrough

Head south to the crossroads and west to the Medical District, then save. Head east to the crossroads and east, only to find a robber blocking your path. If you’ve arrested or killed all the robbers elsewhere in the city, he should let you through; if not, check all the places you’ve already been to ensure all of them have been dealt with.

Outside the bank, you’ll be accosted by two robbers in succession; much like the encounter in the house, whether or not you survive this depends on how quickly you can finish the first fight and what attacks your assailants use. After two fights, you’ll catch your breath and heal automatically, then fight the third robber.

Save, then examine the Golden Goblet and the radio. Then enter the bank.

Inside, you’ll encounter Athena. Ask her whatever you want. Choose to join her for the worst ending, or fight for a better ending depending on your credibility.

Quest Arrest walkthrough

If you choose to fight, you’ll initially have to face “Trio”, which is a single enemy slightly tougher than a normal robber — but you also do a little more damage. Deal with Trio as quickly as possible; arrest them if you can for some last-minute credibility.

Finally, fight Athena; again, arrest her if possible for maximum credibility but no-one would blame you for killing her after all this.

Quest Arrest is available as part of the Indie Heroes Collection 1 cartridge for Evercade, or via Check out our Deadeus walkthrough for more indie adventure fun!

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