Quarxon is a fun competitive shooter for Atari 8-bit

Quarxon is another great game released for Atari 8-bit computers through the Atari Program Exchange, or APX, which we last saw when we looked at Phobos.

APX was very ahead of its time in a lot of ways. Offering users of Atari home computers the opportunity to send in their own creations to Atari and get them published and distributed was a great way of bolstering the library of available software for the platform — and many APX titles went on to become full-fledged commercial products.

That never quite happened with Quarxon, sadly, but the game’s quality is self-evident from the moment you boot it up. So let’s take a look!

In Quarxon, you (and, optionally, a friend) are tasked with blasting out your opponent’s barriers in the hopes of getting at their squishy droids. Blow up all their droids before they do the same to you and you win; lose all your droids first, however, and you lose.

The interesting thing about Quarxon is that it’s not just a mindless shooter. There are numerous rules in place that mean you have to think a bit more about what you’re doing than in some other similar games — most notably the fact you get penalised for firing multiple shots from the exact same position on screen!

Quarxon author biography
APX releases often made a point of including an author biography.

The computer player puts up a decent fight — at least until you discover its one main weakness — but competing against a friend is where Quarxon really shines. Grab a couple of joysticks and give it a go for yourself — once you’ve both learned the core rules, you’ll be having a blast for hours!

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Want to give it a go for yourself? You can find it over at Atarimania.

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