Pomu “Poom Guy” Rainpuff takes on Doom II

When I first came across VTubers a couple of years ago, I’m not sure that I would have associated them with classic first-person shooters, but it seems that quite a few out there have quite a taste for the enduring appeal of profound carnage.

Among the latest to show their bloodthirsty nature is Pomu Rainpuff from Nijisanji EN’s first group LazuLight, who has been spending some time streaming Doom II of late. And it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable time.

A lot of Pomu’s appeal comes from the certain amount of “gap moe” she has going on, where she is presented as a cute and adorable forest fairy, but frequently comes out with some delightfully acidic comments about what is going on. And Doom II is the absolute perfect game to bring out this side of her personality, as she alternates between being too terrified to go into dark rooms and screaming obscenities at enemies who have taken her down for the umpteenth time.

It’s also a good reminder of the enduring appeal of Doom II and its level designs; while technologically primitive compared to more recent first-person shooters, the early Doom games’ biggest strengths were in their creative use of the limited resources to create a constantly surprising and thrilling string of encounters to progress through. And Doom II, with its wider selection of enemies, emphasises that side of things even further.

Pomu is playing the game through the popular source port GZDoom, which requires that you supply your own game files to use with it. Remember that Doom and Doom II got full rereleases for both PC and consoles a while back — and after an initially rocky start, these versions are now excellent ways to enjoy the classic Doom experience wherever you are. Check ’em out on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

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