PlayStation Classic (a PS1 Mini Console) by Sony!

PlayStation Classic Release date: out now! (from 3rd December) – £89.99 (RRP).

The PlayStation Classic (yes, a PS1 Mini!) console was announced by Sony.

Watch the trailer now:

Sony have confirmed the console will include 20 classic PlayStation games:

· Battle Arena Toshinden™
· Cool Boarders 2
· Destruction Derby
· Final Fantasy VII
· Grand Theft Auto
· Intelligent Qube
· Jumping Flash
· Metal Gear Solid
· Mr Driller
· Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee®
· Rayman
· Resident Evil™ Director’s Cut
· Revelations: Persona
· Ridge Racer Type 4
· Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo®
· Syphon Filter
· Tekken 3
· Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6
· Twisted Metal
· Wild Arms

It will come bundled with 2 PlayStation One controllers!

And is a scaled down version of the original:

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