Goldeneye (N64) – Multiplayer Monday Madness

Whilst not THE best multi-player game ever, Goldeneye certainly has to rank up there as one of the most fondly remembered ones. Fans of the Bond classic sill reminisce about playing facility 4-player, golden gun mode, and banning Jaws and Odd Job because of the advantage and disadvantages of both. It was a truly special time in console gaming, and no-one would have ever expected the critical acclaim that a licenced Bond game would receive on its release.

Always fun to see the blood start running on your opponents window

I remember having a lot of great deathmatch sessions at lunch-times during school. One of my class-mates lived minutes away so we were able to spend nearly a full hour with his parents out the house, just playing Goldeneye, sometimes Mario Kart 64. It was a great way to release our pent-up frustrations at the educational system, blowing each-others brains out as James Bond, Baron Samedi, Xenia Onatopp, and Mayday.

The flow of bullets is strong in these here toilets

It was absolutely loaded with characters to play as, with a huge arsenal of weapons to enjoy, and many gameplay cheats to play around with. You could choose paintball mode, which meant all gunshots whether they be on scenery or an enemy would leave behind a coloured effect. There was DK Mode which effectively gave all players a body with similar proportions to Donkey Kong. My personal favourite was the No Radar mode. Essentially turning Goldeneye into a ‘hardcore’ mode, we used to love trying to figure out where each other was by looking at each other’s split-screen window.

Now THAT’S a character selection list

It’s not without its faults of course. Players who were savvy enough could learn the respawn points of all maps and rule the roost by barely giving you enough time to get started again before they’re lobbing a grenade in your direction. The 4-player limit feels very ancient now as well, when we’re spoilt with online games now with 64+ players at once. And of course, the obligatory split screen means that the stealth aspect which makes the 1-player mode so fun is lost.

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Small he may be, but NO-ONE is allowed to play as Oddjob

This is neither here nor there though. That is me trying to find SOMETHING negative to say about one of the greatest multiplayer games ever. People still want it today. Sure there was the re-imagining of Goldeneye for the Wii, PS3 and 360, but it still wasn’t the N64 version. There’s just something about it… the split-screen mode ensures that you can’t take it too seriously as you all know where one another is. So when you have you and 3 mates together, with alcohol and pizza on the go, get throwing some mines, sit in a vent looking down on a toilet, and ‘accidentally’ pick Oddjobfor a raucous night in!

PS: You’re now unable to forget the fact that Pierce Brosnan’s mouth on the game cover extends far past the barrel of his pistol.

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