Mister Mosquito – WTF Wednesday

Some games make you sit back and think: Ok, that’s kind of a good idea for a game but it’s also so WTF that I don’t know how to function. Games that make you question how the devs came up with the idea and why a publisher decided to publish it, especially in a worldwide release.

Introducing Mister Mosquito, a game for the most popular console of all time, the PlayStation 2, that puts the player in the role of a mosquito, buzzing around looking for food. Next time you see a mosquito, think to yourself: How fun would it be to live life like a mosquito?

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We’re not even beginning to kid with you. Someone must have had this inspiration – and that inspiration, coupled with developer cash, birthed Mister Mosquito. See, even before the advent of indie games, some developers were on a little something different compared to their peers.

And the developers at Zoom apparently had the best dealer around given the visuals and gameplay found in Mister Mosquito. Truly a bizarre, yet rewarding, experience, Mister Mosquito represents some of the best of the PlayStation 2’s golden age explosion of different game concepts.

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Mister Mosquito must eat, of course, and that means sucking blood from people. The titular character is a resident of the Yamada household, a typical Japanese family that serves as Mister Mosquito’s food source. Of course, being a video game, you can’t just buzz around and suck blood out of the Yamadas whenever you want to do so. No, instead you have to hit certain target areas of their body at certain times of the day. If you fail, you don’t eat. Truly, this game has waves of bizarre rolling off of it and, if a player can withstand getting knocked down, it’s quite a ride.

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By following around the Yamadas all day and sucking blood, Mister Mosquito fills a quota that acts as a completion marker for each stage. To add to the challenge, each Yamada family member has a stress meter that Mister Mosquito has to monitor lest he get detected. Suck blood too fast or too slow both can cause stress levels to rise. This can result in Mister Mosquito getting swatted – an instant kill.

Sucking blood

If you get detected while flying around, the game enters a kind of boss battle mode that pits Mister Mosquito against one of the Yamadas.

If this hasn’t convinced you to play the game, it should. The game really is an experience from a different time and a mind perhaps on a little something. But it’s genius, through and through. In many ways it will make you nostalgic for the time when Japan was at the forefront of console gaming and devs didn’t hesitate to do crazy things from time to time.

Reminiscent of Seaman for the Dreamcast, Mister Mosquito is the perfect game for a gamer that is tired of the ultra epics and battle arena MMO garbage dump slog fest stream bait of the day.

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