Mid-Week Mega Drive Madness – Haunting starring Polterguy

I’ve never met anyone who played Polterguy. It wasn’t exactly a mainstream release, so my friends were probably busying themselves with FIFA or Super Mario Kart at the time it got released. I remember taking notice of it myself through the minor mentions it received in the magazines at the time, I thought it was mind-blowing. It seemed like such an innovative idea to me, being an actual ghost, Polterguy in this case, who can possess everyday objects to scare the family of a particular household.

The animation in particular is fantastic, with so many little details on offer to amuse the player. There’s so many objects to possess, and they all come with their very own amusing animations in which to scare the family. Portals to hell, flying chainsaws, beds that come to life, chomping books, spider tables, the novelty in the game┬ádefinitely lies within experiencing all the different ‘hauntings’ that you can carry out.

Sadly, audio is lacking and you’ll find a lot of the same sound effects being re-used over and over again. Such a shame the same amount of effort wasn’t put into the audio as was put into the graphics. You’ll also find the game gets quite repetitive with not much to it other than finding the right items at the right time to scare the family with. You will chase the family between different houses, but ultimately you’ll be carrying out predominantly the same scares in each one.

A fun game to waste a few hours on, you won’t take much more from Polterguy. If we still had rental companies dealing with retro games today, this would be the perfect game for a boring evening in. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of longevity, it holds a unique feel, and there’s nothing like it today so it’s definitely worth that one playthrough of your time.

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