Kwirk (Nintendo Game Boy) – WTF Wednesday

Now, there IS a plot with Kwirk. It’s so ridiculous and unrelated to the game that I’m not going to discuss Kwirk and his girlfriend going out on a bender only to end up deciding to explore the city’s sewers and she inexplicably disappears thus rendering Kwirk responsible in trying to find her. Shite. What we do have here though is a fantastic puzzler released at the turn of the 80s / 90s for the Nintendo Game Boy. Developed by the little known Atlus!!!

A simple premise of reaching stairs in a room filled with obstacles seems like a simple feat and on the surface of it, it is. A few levels in though and the head-scratching begins as Kwirk goes from this:


…to this:


You’ll come across different shaped blocks which turn at 90 degree angles but can’t always turn if other obstacles are in their way. If you can’t push the right blocks through the level, you often can’t fill the necessary holes which are stopping you from reaching the stairs. It is possible to dead end yourself so you have to restart the level over again. No hints mean you’re going to have to sort these conundrums out for yourself, but at least there’s a password system to rely on. They never let you down!

Is that… a camel??

With over 100 levels to play, a vs mode, and multiple characters to take control of the fun is always there with Kwirk and while it may look primitive, the challenge is worth the effort and it’s the perfect puzzler for a handheld session. A sequel was released a couple of years later called Amazing Tater, but considering the hundreds of pounds just the cartridge goes for on eBay, it’s not one I’d expect to be slotting into my Game Boy anytime soon! Kwirk on the other hand you can pick up for between £10 – £20, so it’s well worth the purchase for the content you’ll receive!

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