Awesome Jumanji Fan Art inspired by Capcom Arcade Brawlers

Let’s face it, if you where going to send Dwayne Johnson (aka “The Rock”) some art that you’d done depicting him, you’d make sure it was good! Luckily, Twitter user @castpixel has created some of the best Jumanji fan art that you’re likely to find – and even better, the images have a distinct retro flavour!

The Rock Jumanji
The Rock in 2017’s Jumanji

Inspired by Capcom fighting games like the Street Fighter series and Dark Stalkers, the visuals are an instant throwback to the classic era of arcade video games. Johnson is joined by the rest of the Jumanji cast,  with one highlight from the collection definitely being Karen Gillan’s character Ruby Roundhouse launching into a flying kick – reminiscent of many a fighting game. There’s even a loading screen, complete with the “Insert Coin(s)” text we came to know, love and curse in equal measures all those years ago.

See the full set of artworks on Twitter HERE and let us know what you think!

…although, whatever you think of it, @castpixel already has the only approval she needs!

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