Innovative ways of stopping those split-screen cheaters!

Online mode isn’t the only way to take on your friends – and in years gone by the only option to was to invite them over for a bout of split-screen chaos. But what can be done about that age old problem or screen hacking? 

Screen hacking – to somebody from a younger generation this sounds a little sinister. Is it when somebody takes control of your screen in-game? Perhaps other plays can somehow control what you’re seeing?

Actually no… it’s much more low tech then that. Screen Hacking is when you’re playing split-screen multiplayer mode and one of the players looks at their opponents side of the screen. So it’s not as sinister as it sounds, but it really is pretty annoying when the friend you thought you could trust suddenly acquires knowledge of exactly where you’re hiding! Don’t fear however – because for every low tech problem there’s a low tech solution! Over the years the internet has come up with various dubious ways of preventing this from happening. Here are some of our favorites examples;

A hotch-potch combination of Ikea furniture


The inventor of this goes as far as to call it an Anti-Cheat “System”


Not every multiplayer split-screen is horizontal you know!


And finally this one gets extra points for engineering prowess….
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