Hidden NES Golf Game Removed from Nintendo Switch

The secret version of the original 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System game has been removed from the Nintendo Switch as part of a recent update.

Back in September dedicated users found the game hidden deep within the Switch’s code. Believed to be a tribute to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata who died in 2015, launching the game required two actions which clearly paid tribute to Mr Iwata. First the date had to be set to July 11th – Mr Iwata’s birthday. Second, the Joy-Con controllers are to be held in such a way as to mimic the classic hand movement often employed by Mr Iwata at Nintendo Direct conferences.

Taking both of those actions unlocked a version of the 1984 Golf game on NES – programmed by Mr Iwata himself!

The Original NES “Golf” Cartridge
Golf on the Nintendo Switch (via Gizmodo)

Nintedo themselves never publicly commented on the existence of the game to confirm or deny it’s existence. However eagle-eyed hackers have spotted that any trace of the game has been quietly overwritten as part of the latest 4.0.0 system update. It’s a shame to see this clever tribute and retro-gaming nod removed from the Switch, though it’s worth remembering that the code may well have been written as a private tribute to Mr Itawa, and probably never meant for public eyes.

Original Gameplay

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