Game Grumps play classic horror title Uninvited

It’s always a pleasure to see old games get some love on popular YouTube channels — particularly when those channels are as large as Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan’s “Game Grumps“, which boasts nearly five and a half million subscribers.

Recently, the Grumps have been on a bit of a roll of playing classic NES games that they’ve pulled randomly from their game shelves — and a notable inclusion was the classic adventure game Uninvited.

Uninvited was originally released as part of the “MacVentures” series of point-and-click titles for Apple Macintosh back in 1986; the following year, it was ported to a variety of other home platforms including Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS.

The Famicom version, which made a few sacrifices in the text department due to lack of memory but which added an atmospheric musical soundtrack, first appeared in 1989, and a localised NES version — seen in the Grumps’ video — showed up in 1991.

In Uninvited, you take on the role of a character whose sibling (brother in the home computer versions, sister in the NES version) has disappeared after a car crash. The only clues you have to go on are the spooky old mansion nearby — and the fact that a storm is coming. But is it safer indoors than outdoors?

Of course it isn’t, but that’s half the fun.

While the writing in the home computer versions is undoubtedly superior to the somewhat cut-back NES version, the NES version remains fondly regarded for its presentation, atmosphere and largely successful attempts to bring a genre typically associated with home computers to a TV-connected console. The NES version is available for modern platforms as part of the 8-Bit Adventure Anthology on Steam and PlayStation, while a port of the MacVenture original is also available on Steam.

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Despite a positive reception from the Grumps’ audience in their comments, there don’t appear to be any plans for them to continue their playthrough at the time of writing.

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