Friday’s Forgotten Few – Chakan: The Forever Man

See, he’s ‘forever’, because he will live forever after winning a bet with Death. Death grants Chakan immortality but with a slight caveat; he must rid the universe of all supernatural negativity. I could never tell if winning the bet was worth it, maybe losing it and becoming Death’s right hand man would have garnered more satisfaction.

Gripping stuff

Released in 1992 and developed by Extended Play, Chakan was seen as quite the unique game. I remember when I was a kid when Chakan was released, the big feature was that you had infinite lives. You were IMMORTAL. If you died, back to the level select screen you went to try again, but no game overs. It’s a crazy thought that nowadays, the majority of games now follow this method, but back then, Chakan was leading the way in innovation with this idea.

Dun’ worry Chak, you can’t die

The soundtrack has that typical tinny industrial sound that the Mega Drive seemed to pull off with any game that wasn’t colourful. The sound effects themselves are few and far between so are quite simplistic but I will give the soundtrack its due, it’s bloody good. Very moody at times, creepy and mysterious at others, the good ending screen itself is very¬† foreboding. If you wanted a good example of what this sounds like, think of a cross between Kid Chameleon and Ecco the Dolphin. Sounds strange but if you play it, you’ll pick out those cues that seem to have emanated from both those games.

Can he drown? Can he hold his breath? Does he even need to??

As for that ‘good ending’ screen… wow. Potentially, troll-face was born here. For after riding out the last boss, and then the last last boss, you’re then presented with what seems like a simple hourglass screen. The sand keeps falling. But the level of sand doesn’t. It just seems to be endless. The music becomes this repetitive ticking which doesn’t seem to subside and then, if you’re patient enough, something… changes. It happens. You receive the all important final message, which reads… NOT THE END. An odd message considering the lack of a sequel, but that’s where we leave behind Chakan’s story. Just be thankful you weren’t playing the Game Gear version which straight up told you THE END ( FOR NOW).

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He’s not all swords is our Forever Man

A mostly forgotten game, one that doesn’t come up in conversation often, but it’s still a fairly respected game in the retro world. Despite a high difficulty level, the game has it’s fans and, while it never received a sequel (not the end), it nearly did, and the majority of the unfinished game was channeled into Blood Omen 2. So, if you want to go and kinda get a feel for the Chakan ‘sequel’, go hit up this Legacy of Kain follow-up.

Follow me thinking that Chakan looks like the bad guy from Poltergeist 2 & 3 @auto2112

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