Five Ways Alex Kidd Was Better Than Sonic The Hedgehog

The 80s and 90s with Sega were a turbulent time, complete with an intense rivalry with Nintendo and a need to compete with the tour-de-force that is the Mighty Mario. It’s well known that Sonic was the key competition, but what of the earlier mascot, Alex Kidd?

Sonic might have had speed and attitude, but really Alex Kidd was the far better character, and we’ll prove it to you with five ways that Alex Kidd was better than Sonic the Hedgehog.


[1] He is the son of a King

Right out of the gate with possibly the biggest selling point for Sega’s first mascot, but rather than being some anthropomorphic peasant like Sonic, Alex Kidd is the son of King Sander Radaxian (also known as King Thunder for some reason in the manual).

Also, and spoilers for the ending of Alex Kidd in Miracle World here, but upon beating the Janken in his first game, he becomes Defender of the City. This allows his brother to become the king of Radaxia instead, so he can continue to search for the former king.


[2] He has the Peticopter

That’s right, Alex Kidd has a helicopter that he can use in some levels that is pedal-powered. Take that in for a moment. It’s a bicycle, but in the sky. Not only is this an awesome feature, but it doubles up as technology that is completely out of place in this gameworld.

This vehicle is found alongside the equally odd speedboat and motorbike, but there’s just something so gratifying about the Peticopter you can’t get from Sonic. The only downside to this is that the music during these segments is horribly addicting, it simply cannot be unheard.


[3] His adventure was far more challenging

It was so easy to die in Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Between the slow-flying pterodactyls and the little green fish in the first level, to the weird seal/ghost things that follow you relentlessly, pretty much everything in this game can wipe you out quite easily.

Owing to this, the quest that you’re on feels like it actually matters and carries weight. This makes Alex Kidd (and his struggle) superior to the wimpish Blue Blur. Sonic has never had to really work for anything in his life, and it really shows.


[4] He’s a master of Rock, Paper, Scissors

We often solve disputes in real life with a simple game of rock, paper, scissors, but Alex Kidd defeats bosses with them. It’s infact one of the things that makes the game so unique, the challenge isn’t in the bosses themselves but in the perilous journey to them.

Sure, the bosses will always pick the same choices every time, but we’ll be damned if we remembered those every time we reached the encounters. Sonic might have his spikes and a spin dash, but Alex can outfox his opponents in the toughest of hand-based games.


[5] He’s an expert in the Shellcore Technique

This fictional martial art in the games is what gives the protagonist the ability to grow his fist to a giant size and shatter boulders, and Alex is a master of this ancient art. We don’t know for certain, but we’re pretty sure that this means Sonic could be downed in a fight.

Also, it can’t really be ignored that he used just his fists in one level of Alex Kidd in Miracle World to stop and dispatch a raging, charging bull. Has Sonic something like this? Of course he hasn’t, he’s just happy repeatedly beating up an old man to save bunnies.


So, that’s our list of five ways Alex Kidd is better than Sonic the Hedgehog. What do you think? Are you Team Sonic, or Team Alex? Let us know!


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