5 Songs By Famous Bands Exclusively Found in PS1 Games

Since PlayStation games were released on CD-ROMs, it gave Sony a big technological advantage over their competitors at the time. Not only did they have more memory and were cheaper to mass-produce, developers were able to use higher-quality soundtracks for their games. Numerous famous bands had their licenced music in many of Sony’s titles. In fact, most of them could even be listened to on a CD player if you popped the game’s disc inside.

A small handful of PS1 games, however, featured previously unreleased tracks from big-name artists, be they entirely new compositions or remixes. If you grew up with the console, maybe some of these might be familiar!


‘More Human Than Human (Jingle Bells Remix)’ by White Zombie – Twisted Metal III

Christmas comes early with this rather peculiar remix of the eponymous White Zombie track ‘More Human Than Human’. While the original tune has been remixed numerous times over the years, this version was found in the vehicular destruction title Twisted Metal III. One of the levels is set in none other than the North Pole, as crazed drivers smash open Santa’s workshop to get their hands on the mistle…toe.

While some of the electronic beats and the iconic chorus is retained, it includes some riffs to the tune of the well-known holiday song, complete with a kickass guitar solo and reindeer bells shimmering along in the background.



‘Landmass’ by The Future Sound of London – Wipeout 2097

The futuristic racing title Wipeout 2097 had a whole heap of electronica tunes from famous British artists, ranging from Fluke to The Prodigy. The Future Sound of London also made the cut, with two versions of their hit track ‘We Have Explosive’ (the original was heard in-game, while a remix played during the opening).

The band also contributed a cracking track by the name of ‘Landmass’. This purely instrumental track perfectly fits with the theme and atmosphere of the game, with its bouncy beat and a truly blissful intro to pump you up.



‘Demolition Racer (Instrumental Mix)’ by Fear Factory – Demolition Racer 

The main theme for this fairly-forgettable racing game may not be a particularly long track, but this is still a real head-banger, as expected of a thrash band like Fear Factory. Six other songs appear on their album, ranging from instrumentals to remixes, but this right here is a purely original tune.

 While there are no lyrics, it still retains its crunching guitars and hard-hitting rhythm, as to be expected from their repertoire of aggressive tunes. The soundtrack also includes 



‘Superbeast (Remix)’ by Rob Zombie – Twisted Metal 4

Despite retconning the lore of the series, Twisted Metal 4 was still leaps and bounds better than its predecessor. Nonetheless, while this US-only title was also pretty divisive with the fans, it still had another cracking OST, including the return of Rob Zombie’s music (he’s even a playable character!). 

This rare tune is a rearranged version of ‘Superbeast (Girl on a Motorcycle Mix)’, originally remixed by Charlie Clouser, and is the theme to Minion’s Maze. There’s a much longer build-up to the chorus, as layers of instruments are introduced over the electronic rhythms and the echoing snippets of Zombie’s vocals. It’s not as much of a headbanger, though it’s a perfect track for obliterating enemy drivers to.



‘Eclectic People’ by Meat Beat Manifesto – Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing

Home to Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing was this unusual track by EDM group Meat Beat Manifesto. ‘Weird’ doesn’t begin to describe this rarity. There are numerous looped instruments, beats and samples that give this tune an unsettling sound to it. Considering it was used on the game’s main menu, can you imagine booting the game up only to be greeted by this wacky number?



Any of these games or rare songs making you feel nostalgic yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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