Evercade Reveal Jaleco and Piko 2 Collections

Another 2 cartridges are making their way to the Evercade library! This time it’s the Jaleco Collection 1 and the Piko Collection 2.


Jaleco Collection 1

Of course this is the first time we’ve seen Jaleco on the platform, and the new collection comes with 10 great games that will feel right at home on the Evercade.

Full Games List:

  1. Bases Loaded
  2. Astynax
  3. Brawl Brothers
  4. City Connection
  5. Earth Defence Force
  6. Super Goal! 2
  7. Totally Rad
  8. Rival Turf
  9. Operation Logic Bomb
  10. Ignition Factor



Piko Collection 2

Evercade welcome back Piko Interactive for a second collection, this time featuring 13 sports and racing games that are sure to give you plenty of replay value.

Full Games List:

  1. Power Football
  2. Hoops Shut Up and Jam
  3. Hoops Shut Up and Jam 2
  4. Summer Challenge
  5. Winter Challenge
  6. Brutal Sports Football
  7. Eliminator Boat Duel
  8. Full Throttle All American Racing
  9. Top Racer 2
  10. Soccer Kid
  11. Football Madness
  12. World Trophy Soccer
  13. Racing Fever



The two new collections bring the already stacked Evercade library to a total of 183 games over 16 cartidges – with arcade games still on the way! The new cartridges will be launching in Q1 2021, and you can register your interest on Evercade’s official website here.

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