Early Development Sonic R Gameplay Released

Super Sonic Racing

Sonic R was a rather splitting title amongst the fanbase, some loved it, some hated it. Personally, we think it at least made the most sense in terms of a racing game amongst colour video game characters. Sonic runs really fast, a lot of his friends run fast, so why not just have proper races where you run? Simple.

Despite the fan base being torn on the game, it is still out there. While one shouldn’t expect a sequel anytime soon, which is a shame since the soundtrack was glorious. We’ve been given a neat little look at the behind the scenes creation of the game thanks to a video that has just arrived showing a very early build of the Saturn classic.

The game is incredibly rough around the edges in this state for obvious reasons, one of the biggest issues would be the lack of titular hedgehog in his running racing game, being well, unable to run. They animated a bunch of other things before they gave their core gameplay mechanic to their main character!

It’s a neat little look into the game and for anyone fascinated by early game development, it should tickle your fancy.

Are you a fan of Sonic R? What did you like about the game? Let us know in the comments down below!

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