Catfight (PC) – WTF Wednesday

We talk about a lot of crazy games on this site, and you might be thinking who the heck plays this stuff.

Well we do, or at least we find the people that do, because these little bizarre gems of gaming goodness deserve as much of a moment in the sun as the Super Mario Odyssey’s and Overwatches of the world.

Just kidding, they’re weird and that’s what makes them interesting. Sometimes they’re good games, not great, and other times they’re just bizarre proof that someone out there had a dream.

Catfight for the PC would be one of the latter. Considered by some the worst video game ever made, Catfight comes to your straight from Atlantean Interactive, the software developer front company for porn kings Vivid Entertainment. Buckle up kiddies, because clearly we are in the hands of the video game experts now.

That’s right, in case the name didn’t give it away, this game isn’t going to be politically correct. Not by any means. Not that being politically correct was the end-all-be-all it become in the aughts. Indeed, much of the 1990s thrived on being the exact opposite of politically correct and even downright disgusting.

Published in 1996, Catfight stars 10 female warriors who are scantily clad and iconic in their 1990s glory. Like the Mortal Kombat series, Catfight also uses digitized human actors to represent its fighting avatars. But this was not the only game to copy this technology, it just happened to do it with a series of exclusively scantily-clad women. Depending on your perspective that’s either a good thing or a bad thing. Catfight is overwhelmingly a bad thing, though

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And, hey, it’s not like this trend has changed at all. Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, anyone?#

Critics savaged the game upon release, calling its gameplay the worst to ever hit the PC. If any of you played PC games in the 1990s, that’s really saying something. Everything was torn apart, from graphics to sound to story to the game’s name itself which is, to be fair, quite ridiculous.

Coming out during a zeitgeist that will perhaps never return, Catfight tried to do everything that it thought made Mortal Kombat popular while simultaneously appealing to those who wanted to see near-naked women fight. This winning formula of gaming goodness forgot that you had to have an actual game underpinning it all, and therein is where the tale of Catfight unravels.

What it was using to highlight its more extreme or even satirical take on the Mortal Kombats of the world, was used against it and, instead of seeing just another MK clone, reviewers saw a blatant cash-in attempt and a ripoff of a game. As we all know, you don’t want to make video gamers angry. This is probably why you’ve heard of other awful MK clones like Shadow Warrior for the 3DO but no one has ever heard of Catfight.

And, honestly, it needs to stay hidden, in a dark corner, chilling by itself.

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