Beyond the Scanlines checks out Monster Joysticks’ Mega Drive and PC Engine offerings

If you’re serious about your retro gaming, you know that different types of games demand different types of controllers. While a gamepad is generally good enough for your average platform game or RPG, if you decide to start getting into things like fighting games and shoot ’em ups, a quality arcade stick is an excellent investment.

UK-based manufacturer Monster Joysticks knows this, and has been supplying excellent arcade sticks for a variety of platforms — both modern and retro — for some time now. As well as offering USB solutions for modern emulation or FPGA boxes, they also provide interfaces that plug straight into classic computers and consoles. And for platforms that normally use single-button controllers, they offer the excellent facility to map their second button to “up” on the joystick, meaning that platformers and racing games that used to require awkward joystick movements can now be enjoyed with more manageable button presses.

Monster Joysticks

Monster Joysticks’ most recent offerings are for the Sega Mega Drive and the PC Engine — both platforms that play host to a wide variety of excellent games that would really benefit from a quality arcade stick. So Rob “hellfire64” Caporetto of Beyond the Scanlines decided to put them through their paces for the latest episode of his YouTube series.

The video features a look at both of the sticks in action, as well as the build process — because oh yes, you have to put these bad boys together yourself. Don’t panic, though; it’s a pretty easy process for even the most cack-handed among us.

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Check out Monster Joysticks’ Mega Drive lineup here, and enjoy their PC Engine lineup here.

Have you tried any of Monster Joysticks’ offerings? Do you like the look of these new models for PC Engine and Mega Drive? Let’s hear about your experiences down in the comments!

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