8Bitdo Controllers – Firmware Update Improves Connectivity

Gamers are falling in love with 8Bitdo’s range of retro inspired controllers. This latest update makes using them an even better experience.

Combining classic NES & Famicom styling with modern functionality, 8Bitdo’s range of bluetooth controllers are winning over gamers left, right and centre. Features like the dual analogue sticks and full suite of L1/2 and R1/2 inputs means they can be used to play all your favorite modern titles.

Key to their popularity is their compatibility – you can use them on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, IOS and Android. Now a new firmware update makes connecting to each device even easier.

Firmware Update 4.0.01

Though newer units will come with the latest firmware already, it’s worth checking that you have the latest 4.0.01 firmware. You can download the update easily at support.8bitdo.com (click on the Firmware tab). From this screen it’s easy to select your controller and download the latest firmware by clicking on (you guessed it!) Download.

Your download will contain a program. Allow your PC to run it and follow the clear on-screen instructions to update your controller. It will ask you to set your controller for the update by pressing two buttons, then connect it the your PC.


The benefits differ slightly depending on your controller. For all controllers the update fixes an input lag problem sometimes found when used with other controllers. The N30 Arcade Stick’s update now also allows you to connect to the Nintendo Switch easily via USB. As maybe the only affordable Arcade Stick for Switch, this is great news for fans of fighting games.

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For further details – hit the update log next to your controller on the support page, which also reminds you how to set up the controller to connect to each supported system. Happy gaming!

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