6 multiplayer classics we can’t wait to play on Evercade VS

With the announcement of the Evercade VS and its lovely Founders’ Edition, officially licensed retro gaming is about to get a whole lot more exciting, for a variety of reasons — most notably the addition of multiplayer!

With some sort of multiplayer functionality being one of the most commonly requested additions to the Evercade platform, the Evercade VS has gone above and beyond the call of duty with not only four USB ports, but also compatibility with a wide range of third-party retro controllers — and even the ability to hook up an Evercade handheld as an extra joypad.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d highlight some of the best multiplayer games that will be available for the VS by its November release, drawn from both the existing library of Evercade cartridges and those that are coming later this year.

Warlords (Atari Arcade 1)

Warlords, multiplayer game from Atari

Warlords is an incredibly simple idea: simply knock down your opponents’ walls before they do the same to you, using Breakout-style bat-and-ball mechanics — or in this case, dragon’s fireball-and-shield mechanics, I guess.

With four human players all vying for supremacy on the same playfield, the action can get extremely chaotic, foul-mouthed and hilariously fun. This is sure to be a highlight of the Evercade VS’ launch lineup — and the initial range of four arcade cartridges for the platform.

Find out more about the Atari Arcade 1 cart here.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1)

Speedball 2, a multiplayer game from The Bitmap Brothers

One of the Bitmap Brothers’ most well-regarded games back in the day, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe is a fantastic combination of traditional sports game mechanics with the extreme violence you’d expect from an early ’90s vision of the future.

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While Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe has a substantial single-player mode, in which you attempt to take the titular team of terrible Speedball players to the top of the league, this was always an absolute blast in two-player mode, too. And the Evercade version is sure to re-ignite many old rivalries long thought forgotten!

Find out more about The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 cart here.

Snafu (Intellivision Collection 1)

Snafu multiplayer game for Intellivision

The best multiplayer games are the ones you can explain to your friends in less than a minute — and Snafu certainly falls into that category with its simple Blockade-style gameplay.

Offering a multitude of twists on the basic formula — including a fun mode where you’re trying to eat your opponent’s tail rather than trap them — Snafu is likely to be a big hit with gamers of all ages.

Find out more about the Intellivision Collection 1 cart here.

Sensible Soccer (Codemasters Collection 1)

Classic multiplayer game Sensible Soccer

I don’t even really like football and I can’t wait to play Sensi on the Evercade VS. Offering a timeless blend of accessibility, arcade-style thrills and tactical depth, Sensible Soccer was the sports game to beat for the longest time — and for some video game fans, it’s never really been beaten, what with how complex modern takes on franchises like FIFA have become over the years.

Even better, the game is highly customisable, meaning you can have hours of childish fun with friends as you battle it out with two teams whose players are all named after euphemisms for genitalia.

Preoder the Codemasters Collection 1 cart here.

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Top Racer 2 (Piko Interactive Collection 2)

Multiplayer racing game Top Racer 2

The two Top Racer games (the first of which can be found on Piko Interactive Collection 1) are fantastic arcade-style racing games from the 16-bit era, and they both shine in split-screen two-player mode as the pair of you compete not only against each other, but also against the rest of the pack of computer-controlled racers.

Will you team up and work together to reach the front of the pack — or is it every driver for himself out there?

Nab yourself a copy of the Piko Interactive Collection 2 cart here.

Worms Armageddon (Worms Collection 1)

Multiplayer classic Worms Armageddon

Do we really need to explain ourselves with this one? Worms Armageddon is arguably the pinnacle of turn-based invertebrate warfare, and while you could play this multiplayer on the Evercade handheld by making use of the pass-and-play feature, there’s something magical about being able to watch the destruction unfold on the big screen.

Whether it’s you or your opponents on the receiving end of a well-placed banana bomb, there’s plenty of laughs to be had in Worms Armageddon, for sure.

Preorder the Worms Collection 1 cart here.

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