5 Goofy Video Game Weapons, Part 2

Weapons are a vital inclusion for many combat-centric games. Some allow you to duke it out with guns, axes and special powers. Although, not all titles stick with a conventional arsenal made up of generic assault rifles or samey melee weapons…

From exploding sheep to severed body parts, these are five more goofy video game weapons.


Water Guns and Explosive Fruit – Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach

Duke Nukem 3D stunned the gaming world on release in 1996 with its interactive world, exciting gunfights and badass-protagonist. It was so popular, it even gave Quake – the very first fully-3D first-person shooter ever made – a run for its money.

Sunstorm Interactive created a holiday-themed third-party expansion pack for the tongue-in-cheek shooter in 1997. In Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach, our hero must clear out alien-infested areas like a holiday resort and a water park. All of the enemies and weapons have been given a makeover, too. Now, Duke is fighting Pig Cops in Hawaiian shirts and Assault Commanders floating around in rubber tyres with his water guns, explosive pineapples and voodoo rings.

One of the coolest weapons – pardon the pun – is a portable freezer that spits out ice cubes, and freezes enemies into place. There are too many goofy choices to pick from this excellent add-on, but we all know only Duke could turn such random items into deadly weapons.

You know how soldiers nickname grenades “pineapples” Yeah, about that…


Ripper Heart – Shadow Warrior

Think of Shadow Warrior as an Asian-themed spiritual-successor to 3D Realms’ iconic first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D. While it was packed with big explosions, non-linear levels and cheesy one-liners, this one wasn’t a best-seller like its counterpart, though it did become a cult-classic over the years. After all, how could you go wrong with a protagonist named Lo Wang?

If you splatter a Ripper demon with an explosion, chances are that you can swipe its still-beating heart. Squeezing it will summon a translucent clone of yourself. This super-powered spectre will blast enemies with a rapid-fire railgun, which is especially useful against bosses.

Lo Wang heartily endorse this event or product.

Open-heart surgery, ninja-style.


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Super Sheep – Worms Armageddon

For over two decades, the wiggly warriors of the Worms series have fought each other in countless wars. The second entry in the ongoing turn-based artillery-game series had all sorts of equipment, like a Super Sheep Bomb.

When thrown, it will frolic and bounce around. Upon detonation, it will fly into air like a superhero, donning a cape as well. It essentially becomes a remote-controlled rocket that can either be used to airstrike an enemy, or be detonated in mid-air.

It’s the kind of thing that you know will scare the baaa-d guys.

A hero like none other.


Jarate – Team Fortress 2

Valve’s cartoonish war-themed hat simulator, cleverly disguised as a team-based first person shooter, is chock-full of wappy weapons and goofy guns. During the 2009 Sniper vs. Spy update, everyone’s favourite long-range Aussie mercenary was given a brand new weapon: Jarate (“the jar-based karate”). Just so you know, the golden liquid inside of each jar is not apple juice…

Tossing the jar at enemies will blind them, as well as make them susceptible to “mini-crits” for extra-damage. It’s also a perfect deterrent for cloaked or disguised spies. Plus, if someone’s on fire, this nasty stuff will put out the flames with ease.

Enemies may escape to live to tell the tale, but, they’ll be so stricken with embarrassment, they wouldn’t want to share it in the first place.

“Time to hit the showers, mates…”


Mr. Toots – Red Faction Armageddon

Exploring Mars in Red Faction Armageddon was a bit of a ho-hum experience, according to gamers and video game critics back in 2011. At least it was home to one of the weirdest guns in video gaming… if you can call it a gun

Say hello to Mr. Toots, a unicorn that fires a rainbow-laser out of its backside. The poor critter makes some painful facial expressions when you’re “firing” him. It’s incredibly accurate, very powerful, and not nearly as cute as its name implies..

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Does this count as animal cruelty?


What are some of the weirdest weapons you’ve seen in a video game? Put your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to share this article, too.

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