10 Awesome Songs From the Splatoon Series

Nintendo’s team-based, ink-redible title Splatoon stunned the gaming market. Thematically inspired by skater-culture and hip hop music, it was a game like none other. Flipping between an ink-firing kid to a rapid-speed squid was one of many reasons why it was so great.

In fact, the Wii U title was so popular, it received a sequel, an expansion pack, multiple soundtrack releases, and even a few live concerts. Rightly so, too, partially-thanks to its cheery, experimental and downright-eccentric soundtrack, not to mention the beloved pop idols from both games.

From the nod-inducing rock tracks to the funky pop-tunes, these are ten awesome songs from the Splatoon series (note: this list contains some spoilers).


Splattack!” by Squid Squad – Splatoon

The signature theme for Splatoon. “Splattack!” features a great drum-led intro, a funky bass, head-banging guitar riffs and synths that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Its fictional, nonsensical lyrics are just as quirky and peppy as the song itself.




City of Colour” by Squid Sisters – Splatoon Live in Makuhari

When it was time for a Splatfest in Splatoon, the Squid Sisters would perform their hit song “City of Colour” in the streets of Inkopolis. Its groovy synths and catchy vocals are just the tip of the iceberg. A similar version of the song, entitled “Maritime Memory”, is a mellowed-out version which plays during the credits, and is definitely worth a listen, too.

The live version performed in Makuhari, Japan, featured some loud ‘n’ proud guitar riffs and a super-satisfying outro, making it the must-have version.


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#8 regret” by Dedf!sh – Splatoon 2: Octotune

The 8-Ball missions in the Octo Expansion were fiendish, but at least they were home to this mellow, atmospheric track. So simple, but so soothing…




Inkoming!” by Wet Floor – Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2’s title track was so good, it was released on a promotional EP in Japan to promote the game. The fast-strumming on the guitars and bass go hand-in-hand, much like the two vocalists alternating between one another. Hearing them both shout the game’s name is the icing on the cake. It’s a feel-good jam, whether you’re playing a Turf War, or just chillin’ in the plaza.




Fly Octo Fly” by Off The Hook – Splatoon 2: Octotune

“Fly Octo Fly” is an infectious ditty. Its vocals are great to whistle to, especially when both singers exclaim “whoa-oa-oh! Whoa-oh-a-oh!” This speedy song one will easily put a smile on any Splatoon player’s face.




I Am Octavio” by DJ Octavio – Splatoon

The nefarious eight-legged antagonist DJ Octavio threatens to, quote, “remix your face”, to this tense tune. It’s actually made up of three parts, featuring a dramatic, pitch-shifted opening, some sweet beats, and goofy rapping. Seriously, this dude composes his own boss theme, which is awesome in its own right.



Color Pulse” by Off The Hook – Splatoon 2

Splatoon fans were hooked when Off The Hook played their top track for the first time in the game’s reveal trailer. Its electronic elements are deliciously addictive, but what works so well are the vocals. Marina’s soul-inspired singing blend perfectly with Pearl’s speedy rapping skills. “Color Pulse” is easily the freshest track in the duo’s repertoire.


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Nasty Majesty” by Off The Hook – Splatoon 2: Octotune

Fans rejoiced at the arrival of the Octo Expansion reveal trailer for Splatoon 2, and one of the reasons was because of the new song by Off The Hook. “Nasty Majesty” is an odd one; it sounds almost militaristic with its hand-claps, background chants, and brief blares of brass instruments at times. Pearl’s vocals are lovely, but Marina really does sing her heart out in this one.




Ink Me Up” by Squid Sisters – Splatoon Live in Makuhari

Splatfest-time! The Squid Sisters lend their cutesy vocals to this glamorous pop track. Both live versions breathe so much more life into this track with the shredding guitars and its wacky keyboard solo.



Now or Never!” by Off The Hook & Squid Sisters – Splatoon 2: Octotune

Easily the most frantic song in the Splatoon series, “Now or Never!” plays during the last minute of any Turf War. Thing is, there are actually six different iterations of this upbeat tune, each of which bring new twists to the table. The live versions are much longer, with new song structures and additional keyboard solos to contribute to the wackiness.

The ensemble cast of both Off The Hook and the Squid Sisters singing together live has to be the most memorable version of this one. In fact, the fans were encouraged to join in with the chorus!


What are some of your personal favourites? Drop a comment below, and be sure to share it with your friends. Stay fresh, and don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!

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